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I’ve spent a lot of money on bows for Perry.  Honestly, way more money than I’d like to admit. I mean, I like bows and my girl likes to accessorize. How can I say no?!

After much thought and a heart to heart with my budget, I started making Perry’s bows. It just makes sense. Once I started making them, I realized I like it and that I should sell them to other people too. Everyone should have bows as fly as Perry’s.  

So, here they are! The first round of bow prints are ready to fly out the door. They are approximately 3 inches (but I’m to make bigger or smaller and I’m definitely open to custom orders if you are looking for something specific) and attached to an alligator clip. I do offer headbands as well but am only picturing the bows. I’m thinking I’ll start a little Etsy shop, but for now I’m selling via email, FB, Instagram, or this ole blog. 

Want one? Hopefully so!  If interested in additional information (pricing, other fabrics, etc), please email me at charla(dot)sneed(at)gmail(dot)com or hit me up on FacebookInstagram, ask me anything

I’d also be extremely grateful if you all shared my little side business with friends (or strangers) if they like bows! 

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    Super cute bows!!!
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  11. livemylove said: Too adorable! We’re not ready for bows yet - but if you make baby headbands we’d be all over that!
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    Love the OSU one!
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  18. elhatter said: Can you show the clip from the back? My daughter has very fine hair and I want to make sure they’ll work for her. Btw, how much?
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    Check out these adorable bows! I’m putting an order in for some headbands if they come in baby sizes!
  20. kimbaland said: Could you make headbands for infants??
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